I'm motivated by a no limits attitude that drives me to redefine boundaries and go the extra mile to push our clients to the top.

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Why Airwallex

Traditional banking and payment ecosystems are going through a state of upheaval as a steady stream of new distruptive Fintech players, virtual banks, and challengers enter the ring. I'm committing to working collaboratively with banks, regulatators, and the wider industry to nagivate this new and complex environment.

Airwallex has tasked itself with a monumental vision to re-imagine the global payments landscape, and I respect the scale and enormity of this task. I acknowledge that our mission is not something that can be accomplished alone. Banks are, and will continue to be, a crucial facet of the international payments market. I believe that only through collaboration and a recognition of shared strategic visions and commitment to our customers, will Airwallex be able to realise our mission of connecting and providing opportunity to people and businesses in all corners of the globe.

Collaboration and a recognition of shared strategic visions is key to realising our bold mission.

About James

James Butland is the VP of Global Banking responsible for developing and managing international relationships with Airwallex banking partners. James has over 10 years experience in relationship management, working with some of the world’s leading banks. Starting out at Man Group, the world’s largest hedge fund, James moved to Fintech to manage the European network for TransferWise with a focus on direct relationships with the Bank of England.

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