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Why Airwallex

It's undeniable that technology has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. The rapid speed of innovative tech advances has disrupted and redefined all industries, and will continue to do so at an increasing rate. This can be difficult to keep pace with, and many businesses can be left behind as the rest of the market leaps forward.

I believe that when technology is designed around people, it brings out the best in them, and empowers them to do their best work. This is why I put human centred technology at the heart of everything we do at Airwallex. Helping to set businesses apart and push them to the front of their industries. We use advanced technology to deliver seamless end to end solutions that transcend borders, and in doing so, relentlessly challenge ourselves and the industry for the better of our customers, creating opportunity without exception.

I put human centred technology at the heart of everything we do at Airwallex

About Xijing

As CTO, Xijing Dai leverages his expertise and passion for mathematical algorithms and machine learning to drive Airwallex's proprietary technology. After completing a Master's of Software System Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Xijing worked at an e-payment startup in Australia building a secure payment gateway powered by artificial intelligence. He spent time pursuing a number of projects before co-founding Airwallex, including a cloud based multilingual translation API with real time delivery, internet security payment gateway and an automatic image processing system with visual content detection, analysis and categorisation.

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