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Airwallex provides a seamless payments experience that transcends borders, industries and is the future of banking services. Effortlessly integrate into our ecosystem of APIs, products, automation, global networks, and local payment systems to create a scalable solution that meets your needs.

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Low cost

Bypass traditional payments rails that charge high transaction fees by plugging into a global network that connects to local payment systems. High level of automation is integral to how Airwallex operates, allowing us to offer low fees to our clients. As a client you can specify cost reduction as a key preference for your business and we will prioritise use of low cost payments systems to which we are connected, and price accordingly.

High speed

Powered by smart auto-routing algorithms, our technology calculates the fastest most direct route for your money. Having payments reach the end destination faster means you can pay your suppliers, or be paid as a supplier and get on with growing your business.

Global coverage

Move your money into and out of more than 50 countries and regions - business to business, and business to consumer. Fit for all sectors that regularly use cross-border payments such as financial services, travel, e-commerce, and education. Our extensive payout network gives you access to the jurisdictions you need with ease, including what are traditionally considered the more exotic - so you can make payments across all corners of the globe.

Local knowledge in China

When we say global, we mean all parts of the globe; including China, a country now arguably a cornerstone in global commerce. Our deep, local based expertise allows us to provide an overall consultative approach in order to add value for our clients, whilst simultaneously assisting in navigating the unique regulatory environment.

Cost effective

Extensive manual processes can create a significant cost burden to your business. By automating with our APIs you can streamline your workflows, and reduce operating costs. Remove the payment barriers that can stall your business’ growth, saving both time and money with low-touch automation.

Full amount

By partnering with local payment providers in each jurisdiction we service, we can provide the best level of coverage, transact with an increased level of speed and minimise the cost. The option to deliver the full amount to the beneficiary allows you to avoid operational churn often experienced when only a portion of the original payment amount is received.

Compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

We combine in-house policies and procedures, third-party vendor solutions and industry expertise to create a robust compliance and risk framework.

ID Verification
Risk Assessment

A highly reputable provider, we use Comply Advantage’s global compliance workflow system to conduct screening covering sanctions, watch lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs). We also use them to conduct transaction monitoring and transaction acceptance.

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