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Connecting all of the world’s digital endpoints is the driving force behind Airwallex, bringing FX and payments up to speed with the digitalised and connected world that we live and work in.

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The state of the industry

You can buy and sell anything at the touch of a button; we believe payments should be that simple too. Built in the pre-internet age, the existing system for sending money internationally is siloed and ineffective, creating logistical and financial roadblocks for businesses with global ambitions.

With a greater number of intermediary banks required to process the transaction, payments take far longer than needed to be delivered.
High fees are charged each time a payment passes through another intermediary bank, leading to soaring and unpredictable transaction costs.
Limited data transfer between a number of financial institutions means you can never be sure when your transaction will be completed, and what the final amount will be.
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The re-imagined payments landscape

Airwallex is on a mission to create a global digital payment network, connecting organisations around the world. We are re-imagining the way that businesses and individuals send and receive money internationally, creating a platform that meets the needs of a connected digital economy.


We work collaboratively with banks, clearing houses, and liquidity providers to provide solutions in all corners of the globe.


Our platform takes a tech led approach to FX and payments, supporting businesses with a smarter way to work internationally.


Our suite of APIs integrate seamlessly to deliver a scalable and automated solution to a complex global problem.

Where we specialise

We create comprehensive and scalable end-to-end solutions for internationally focused organisations.


Managed FX risks

Fixed forward rates reduce the risk of market fluctuations between buy and sell currencies.

Faster settlement

Faster processing removes unnecessary waits for merchants and suppliers to receive funds.

Access to new platforms and customers

Local collections capabilities open up previously inaccessible e-commerce platforms and customer bases.

Reduced costs

Competitive wholesale comparable rates coupled with low transaction fees provide affordable marketplace solutions.

Customer success stories

See how Airwallex solutions have supported industry leading organisations to simplify their payments experience and take advantage of the opportunities of a connected digital world economy.

Airwallex have proven their ability to deliver on time and with good rates. Their capability to pay out in local currencies expands our horizons and improves our relationships with schools, creating an easier payment process for students.

Working with Airwallex has streamlined the way that we operate, simplifying our cross-border payments process. Our team spends more time curating travel experiences instead of manually processing complicated payments.

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Our products are designed to be flexible and accessible.

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